Registration is available at or just click the link above that says register now.  We are dedicated to making this triathlon available to as many people as possible by making registration fees as low as possible.  Below you will find fee schedule.  Registration fees are non-refundable/non-transferable.  We will honor a one time deferment to the following year for a $15 fee.  Please contact us by email for a deferment request.  

March - May 20:              Sprint $45
                                          Relay $30 each leg
                                          Mini $20

May 21 - July 20:             Sprint $50
                                          Relay $35 each leg
                                          Mini $20
                                          Relay $15 each leg

July 21 - August 20:         Sprint $55 
                                          Relay $40 each leg
                                          Mini $20
                                          Relay $15 each leg

August 21 - Sept 20:        Sprint $60
                                         Relay $45 each leg
                                         Mini $25
                                         Relay $20 each leg