About Us

The Tri Community Tri is a sprint distance triathlon in a rural community.  The quaint little town of Pima is located in Southeastern Arizona.  With a population of less than 2000, there are few cars on the road to disturb racers.  The swim is 625 yards in the public pool located near the center of town.  The school next to the pool graciously allows racers to use the parking lot as the transition areas.  The bike portion of the race heads out of town where wildlife is present and a beautiful 15 mile ride is welcomed with rolling hills.  Racers will then see just how quaint our town is as they meander through the neighborhoods on a 5K run.  Medals will be awarded to top three finishers in each 5 year age bracket, male and female.  First place medals will be given to an overall male and female winner.

If a sprint distance is not your fitness level, we there is a mini distance to follow the sprint.  This includes a 225 yard swim, a 6 mile bike ride, and a 1.5 mile run.  3 deep medals will be awarded for those under 15 years of age in 5 year age brackets, male and female.  First place medals will be given to an overall male and female winner under age 15.  While all is welcome to participate, this specific event is tailored toward children to encourage them to get active. 

The Tri Community Tri started to promote health and fitness in our community.  Our race is put together completely by volunteers and all proceeds are put back into the race for coming years with the remaining funds donated to the community.  This previous year, $1500 was donated to the Pima Swim Team to update the pool including the purchase of a much needed PA system to be used at swim meets.  If you have suggestions where we can better the community with our available funds, please send us an email and we will consider your suggestion.